Meet your Hosts

We are working together to make sure everything gets done and runs smoothly but here is a bit more info into each of our specialties!

  • MJ

    The creator of the bookish shop Ambrosia & Honey, MJ is the one in charge of designing the special merchandise for each event as well as putting together the goodies and info packets that will be in your tote bags upon check-in!

  • Laura

    The mind behind the whole operation, Laura is the one that put this idea into motion. She finds our venues, works with our vendors, and is making sure your night is one you will never forget!

Meet the Lost Girls

These are our amazing friends who have volunteered to help us make the Neverland Ball a reality!

  • Kali

  • Tatum

  • Natalie

  • Karla

  • Ally

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